The Dots Coat Hooks Sage Green
designed by Lars Tornøe

The Dots are versatile wooden hooks in a functional, vibrant design.
Taking a playful approach to the conventional coat hook,
Dots can be arranged in infinite numbers and combinations in a variety of sizes.
Their diverse range of uses makes them practical for both private and professional spaces.

Material :
First class oiled oak and ash wood (coloured versions in ash wood).
The wood has been carefully selected for this product, as a knot will ruin the design of the product.
The wood is cut, glued together in 2 pieces and processed in a CNC turning lathe. Polished and oiled.
Cleaning instructions : Clean with moist cloth
Made in Slovenia.

Dots는 기능적이고 활기찬 디자인의 다용도의 목재 후크입니다.
기존의 코트 후크에 장난스런 접근방식으로
도트를 다양한 색상과 크기의 여러가지 조합으로 배열할 수 있습니다.
다양한 용도로 사용 가능하며 개인 및 전문 분야 모두에서 실용적입니다.